An Autumn of passion

Tuesday November 14th, 2017

The Autumn collection by Jesse is here: a sense of harmony and freedom invades the space. Reflexes of lightness and transparency illuminate the rooms. Personality meets technology for a jump into the future.

The new catalogue by Jesse is a journey into new trends.

Materials like marglas (marble + glas, an innovation that puts together functionality and immortal elegance), brown metal, glass, therm oak…
Colors like rosso cina, argilla, bronzo, ardesia, alga…
A daydream of shapes and finishings, to transport you into a universe where there’s only beauty displaying before your eyes.

Sounds like a fantasy, but it’s real. It’s Jesse.

Simon, Ives, Aplomb, Stern, Moon, InOut, Puck, Scott, Tate, Captain, Shade, Plume, Icon, Club, Naked. A whole new world just one click away.